Business Intelligence

L2S2 senior consultants have many years experience in business process analysis and change management in corporate, education and medical environments in SMEs and in major international companies. The L2S2 Xenplate platform provides the tools that allow management to transform businesses by introducing modern structured working processes that provably improve efficiency and staff job satisfaction.

Best in class

Xenplate is an evolving platform; its capabilities are continually expanding as a result of working with customers who lead their fields in medicine, management and manufacture. By subscribing to the Xenplate Cloud, customers are able to tap in to the expertise of their peers and leaders in their field. Xenplate will always be leading edge and L2S2 invest heavily in the supporting engineering, security and innovation that underpins the system.

Lowest cost

Large corporations have long since proved the gains in efficiency that are achievable through bespoke business workflow IT. In smaller organisations or in those with changing processes the gains are less clear when compared to the cost of writing specifications, hiring developers and debugging with the consequent disruption to business. Xenplate has commoditised this process and offers the lowest cost way to achieve certain cost reduction and efficiency gain.
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